Where have you ever traveled that you didn’t rely on someone to help you navigate? You probably used a map or a brochure or even a guide. Think about that fact. Those were most often trips you went on closer to home. Still you needed a little help. That’s why you want to make sure you are getting an escort when you travel to Australia. Australia escorts can help you to understand the things around you. They can also help you better enjoy the experience.

On Your Own


If you travel on your own you’ll see some of the biggest sites. You will remember to make time for those tourist traps that everyone goes to see. You’ll visit a few museums and maybe the outback. You may even make it to the bridge or the Great Barrier Reef. But you won’t see a lot of the other sites that are less known. You’ll miss some of the smaller museums which may have the best stuff. You’ll also miss some of the best nightclubs or bars. You may even miss great bands when you’re busy looking for the things you know.

With an Escort

If you find Australia escorts you’ll be able to find the hottest places to be. You’ll find the best place for any member of your family. You’ll also have a lot more time to do things. Your escort is going to know what time of day is best for each location. They will also know how to enjoy the trip the most. Make sure you take full advantage of everything they have to offer. If they recommend a different place to stop and check out you’ll want to give it a chance. You never know what you might find.

Traveling is stressful enough as it is. You spend a lot of time planning out the parts of your trip that an escort can’t help with. Then you get there and feel like you have to arrange everything. You’re not going to need to do any of that. You can find an escort who will show you around. They will help you experience everything there is. With their help you will have the trip of a lifetime. Your family will never forget the experience. You will also enjoy more than you would have been able to any other way. Don’t miss out by trying to make it on your own.

Are you a football fan? If you are then you have watched plenty of football matches either in person or on TV. You have your favorite teams and if you’re a big fan you understand all the rules. If you like American football then you’re going to want to catch an Australian rules football game when you get the chance. These games are definitely different and that’s what will keep you intrigued. You will definitely be amazed by everything that’s similar and different.

What’s It Like?


Australian football isn’t the same thing as American football but it’s not the same thing as soccer either. It’s actually a type of hybrid game. There are a few rules that are similar to traditional football as Americans play it. There are also some rules that are similar to soccer. Other rules are similar to basketball. In the end it’s different game. You will enjoy watching it and have fun learning the new rules. For anyone in your family this game will be exciting and will keep your attention for a long time. If you get a chance to go to a game definitely don’t pass it up. You will pick your favorite team and have fun cheering them on.

The Game

The teams for this game are made up of 22 players each with 18 on the field at a time. The ball just has to get from one end of the field through the goalposts at the other end. This part is like soccer. But to get the ball there you can use any method. You can kick the ball (also like soccer). You also have the option of passing or dribbling (like in basketball). Yet you do it you want the ball to get to the opposite teams goal.

If you’re interested in sports of any kind you’ll want to see an Australian rules football match. These games bring in more than just one style of sporting event and they’re unlike anything you’ve likely seen before. Any sports lover will enjoy seeing the game and your family will too. Get your kids involved in playing if they get the chance. Going down to a local park may give them the opportunity for this unique experience. Make sure everyone gets into it and yells as much as they can. The game is the most fun when everyone gets involved after all. So play it out.

A country’s cuisine can be one of the biggest insights into their culture and landscape. Thoughts of France immediately conjures up images of all types of pastries and baked goods. While thinking about American food images of hotdogs and hamburgers come to mind. But what exactly does thoughts of Australia bring? Is there such a thing as Australian cuisine?

What Inspires Australian Cuisine?

Australia itself is rich in the broad influences of their multicultural society. The flavors and cooking techniques of various countries like France, Japan, and Africa are all throughout the country. You can find British elements in their fish and chips, and meat pies as well as Vietnamese, and Greek influences. Most countries develop their cuisine based on the ingredients that are available to them. Australia has a remarkable range of ingredients available to them. Making it easy for them to offer meals from genuine Thai food to authentic Italian food.

Since Australia has the third largest fishing zone in the world it has the perfect amount of seafood available. It has a huge selection of salmon, lobster, prawns and tuna making seafood dishes and restaurants very common. The fact that the majority of the population lives near the coast makes seafood restaurants popular destinations.

So What is Australian Cuisine?

Australian food consists of a fusion of all kinds of cuisines. You can find chefs all over the country creating new types of meals that blend Japanese and French cuisines. Like Tetsuya Wakuda and other chefs like him. They are always on the look for things to influence them and always developing new ways to eat traditional meals. So, true Australian cuisine is always evolving. It is being created and recreated in the homes and restaurants of its residents on a daily basis.

While the iconic image of Australians consists of them eating barbecue and “shrimp on the barbie”. There are a wide range of meals and traditions that make up Australian cuisine. Once consisting of dishes like Yorkshire pudding and roast beef. Brought with the first settlers from Great Britain. Australian food has evolved into what it is today. It is influenced by the large number of immigrants from Asia and other countries. And you will find Australian menus full of traditional dishes from all over the world spiced up with a little Australian flair. Along with new inventions and meals you will also find many traditional Australian meals. So whatever your taste in food you will always find something for you.


Australian cities are some of the most beautiful and exciting destinations in the world. Deciding upon which cities you should include on your travel destination list and which you should nix, there are a few things that you need to take into account. These considerations include location, attractions, and culture. Below are four of Australia’s best cities that you must include in your itinerary. These places are definitely ones that you don’t want to miss on your next trip down under.



The first destination that you want to include on your itinerary is Sydney. The city is one of the most popular and livable cities in Australia. It includes famous attractions like the Sydney Opera House, The Rocks, the Circular Quay, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. In addition, you can also get to nearly anywhere around with ease. Sydney is also a great location to visit for its stunning beaches, the famous Taronga Zoo, the Darling Harbor in China Town, and the Powerhouse Museum. When you visit Sydney, you’ll find it to be the heart of the country. The culture is youthful, vibrant, and its residents are always ready to help tourists around.


Another popular destination that comes pretty darn close to Sydney is Melbourne. Melbourne is constantly rated as one of the world’s best cities. According to some sources, its current rating is 97.5/100. It is the most populous and capital city of Victoria. It is very well known for its yearly festivals such as the Moomba, the Melbourne International Arts Festival, and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. In addition to festivals, there are also live performances throughout the year that you don’t want to miss.


The next option on this list is Brisbane. Brisbane is a highly attractive city because its comfortable climate, its attractions, and the cultural atmosphere. When you visit Brisbane, you’ll be able to enjoy from the gardens at South Bank Parklands, Brisbane Forest Park, and the historic sandstone buildings.


Finally, another city that you must visit when you are in Australia is Adelaide. Adelaide is a highly cultural and diverse city, sporting some very interesting events and festival throughout the year. Adelaide is known for its boutique stores, the fine food, and the delicious restaurants that severe both local and exotic cuisine.


Overall, the above cities are certainly ones that you don’t want to miss. Each city has its own special vibe, it just depends on what you are looking.

Choosing a vacation spot is difficult. With millions of destinations worldwide, it can be a struggle to decide where to take your next trip. Fortunately, there are certain places that stand out much more than others. One of those places is Australia. Many travel magazines cite Australia as one of the top spots to visit in the world. As an American, you’ll find that a trip to Australia is going to be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. Below are just a few reasons why vacationing in Australia is worth it.

The Great Barrier Reef


There are wonders throughout this world, and the Great Barrier Reef is one of those wonders. The reef is one of the most diverse ecological systems of the world, a glorious sight that you won’t find anywhere off the coast of U.S. shores. With the world-class diving opportunities, you can tap into your adventurous side and see vibrant coral, fish, turtles, and many more sea creatures. In addition to diving by the reef, there are dozens of other activities that you can take advantage of alone or with your travel buddies.

Seek Adventure

Australia is a premier destination for many reasons, but one of the most significant reasons is that it is the country where you can truly find adventure. In Australia, you’ll be able to do things that you’ll never get to do in the states. You can take adventure journeys, drive through the outback, drive in the seas, surf the coasts, and canoe and kayak in the many waterways. A few of the most popular adventure sites include places like Horizontal Falls, Zebedee Springs, The Ghan, the Snowy Mountains, Lake Mungo National Park, the Cervantes, and Hancock George. These destinations are truly full of the adventure that you are looking for. Not only will you enjoy the thrill, but the sights are absolutely gorgeous.

For Family Too

You don’t need to be single or traveling with a group of friends to enjoy Australia. You can also feel confident in taking your family with you. Australia has dozens of family oriented attractions and adventures that are safe and enjoyable for kids of all ages. If you are looking for some alone time with your significant other, you’ll also find that the country has a romantic side to it too. Essentially, Australia is the perfect vacation for any American looking for something new and refreshing.